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"What Every Entrepreneur Must Know About Advanced Online and Offline Marketing"

In this FREE WORKSHOP, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to completely revolutionize your marketing strategy or start in the right path (regardless of your niche, specialty or industry).

During this FREE WORKSHOP you will learn:

  • Exactly how to attract ONLY the ideal type of customers, clients or patients and repel those who just waste your time and can't afford your services.
  • Precisely what to say to them (on the phone, in person and on your ads) so that they choose YOU regardless of the price.
  • The key concepts you MUST know before spending another dime on any marketing material or service (so you don't get lured by the latest internet gimmick or trick that doesn't work.)
  • The "fool-proof" 3-step campaign that you can implement immediately to start attracting qualified prospects (this strategy is ridiculously simple...but the hidden framework behind most successful marketing campaigns!)
  • This is a true workshop, packed with actionable, easy-to-understand content that will change how you look at and use marketing FOREVER!

I know this is a bold claim. I thought the same way when I accidentally discovered these amazingly simple but solid concepts that simply work!

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About the author:

Dr Fernando Lamounier, is an international marketing strategist, consultant, copywriter, speaker and entrepreneur.

After working with multiple healtcare businesses he realized that all companies, regardless of their niche, had similar challenges and that the strategies he had learned, tested and perfected, if customized for each business’ situation, were equally succesful.

But doing everything manually was a lot of work, and Fernando became an “automation freak”.

He then made his mission to help you, the small and midsize business owner (within or outside the healthcare) grow your business through the implementation of a Strategic Marketing System™ that combines advanced direct response marketing strategies with the most up-to-date digital media resources and automation technology.

Fernando is a down-to-earth marketing strategist, who will speak a language that you will understand, and give you the peace of mind that the right system will be custom-built to help you grow your business.

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